4 March 2014

Pink and Green Origami Bag

One of the lovely ladies at Novocastrian Quilters Guild, Margaret, taught a class on how to make this great bag. I wasn't able to do it during the class but she was kind enough to let me have a handout. So last weekend I made it up. Very easy and looks fab!!

Here is Miss Hattie assisting me making the bag. She is laying on the two squares of fabric used to make the bag. The two squares are sewn with a 1/4 " seam all around the outside seam, right sides together. Leave a small gap to turn the pieces out. I then pressed the finished seams.

You then fold the square as seen below. The green floral is the outside fabric, pink dots the "lining". The two tips should touch the outside edge.

You then sew from the outside edge to the top point, only going through the top two layers. Same with the other side. Due to the shapes, it's best to do it in two stages, as the angles are funny and on small bags you won't be able to do it in one go. This should give you a sleeve - that is, you can put your hand through the tube.

Now, sew from the point as indicated below, through all layers to the bottom edge. I'd mark this to make sure you get a straight seam.

Then fold the ends in until they meet the gap as below. You then sew two lines at each end to form a channel for the ribbon.

Fold in half along middle sewing line so that flaps and ribbon channel are on the inside. Then sew up the two sides to form a bag. You can stop at this stage for a flat bag.

I added a flat bottom to my bag to allow it to sit better and add a bit of padding to the bottom of the bag. I forgot to take a photo of this step!! Here is a link to show you how to do the corners. Instructions about half way down the page. The tutorial there is a bit different to this one.
You can leave the triangle flaps on the bottom loose, but I hand sewed them down as I think it looks neater, helps keep the shape and gives added padding to the bottom. Please ignore how badly the seams all line up, it was my first go!! ;-) NOTE: This is the INSIDE of the bag.

Then turn the bag out the right way, thread your ribbon/tape/cord into the top and you are ready to go. I love this pattern because there are no raw edges to finish and no funky shapes to get the nice finished drawstring channel.

19 February 2014

Churn Dash Swap Blocks - 1

Had a great day at Guild on Saturday. Highlight for me was the first swap of our Churn Dash swap group. They were so cute!!

Here are the cute blocks I got back. As I've said previously, I was swapping two lots, so each swap I get 20 gorgeous blocks back!!

Here is our fearless co-ordinator swapping all the blocks!! I can't imagine the organisation to make sure we all swap with each other at least once!

17 February 2014

Green and Gold Star 2 - Quilt Finished

Well, it was a very big quilty weekend! It was Guild on Saturday and while I did take a hand sewing project, I literally didn't sit down for the entire meeting!! I ran around like a chook with my head cut off!! I did a mini-demo on using my Sizzix for cutting blocks, I was taking photos for the website, I was getting details of various swaps, giving out little bags of pre-cut blocks for people to sew up into blocks for Community Quilts (which went like hot cakes so I am doing way more for next meeting) and projects for the website and trying to follow a class that one of my friends was giving but which I didn't bring my machine along for cause I already had too much stuff to bring!!

Anyway, I didn't do any sewing once I got home that day but did manage on Sunday to get the second Green and Gold Star quilt top done!

I trimmed to side down to the right width and brought it to work with me to post at lunch time. I was re-checking the address and details and realised it was too long!! It's not a problem, the design can take being cut shorter but it means I need to take it home and will have to post it tomorrow. I showed this at Show and Tell at Guild and lots of ladies were keen to get the pattern off me.

14 February 2014

Churn Dash on My Mind!!

This post is Churn Dash themed!! My Guild is running a Civil War Repro's Churn Dash block swap this year. Make 10 blocks and get 10 different ones back each month for 10 months!! The little suckers are 4.5" finished. I had hoped to have them done before this but the first batch weren't up to scratch. So all elements were made oversized and cut down. I am happier with this bunch.

I read Bonnie Hunters blog everyday. Always worth a visit. Recently I saw her method for pressing her chain pieced segments. She leaves them together and cuts them apart AFTER pressing. It was one of those ah ha moments!!

I love this technique. Made pressing much faster and simpler. Especially easy with the HST as there are two lines of sewing which I think adds extra stability.

Here are the elements getting trimmed or cut out.

Continuing with the Churn Dash theme. I was checking out the latest videos from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and noticed one called Disappearing Pinwheel - Churn Dash. Two of my favourite blocks in one! So I watched it and am hooked! I'm normally not a fan of these 'disappearing' variations but this one really works, a shortcut technique rather than variation (although there are plenty of them too!).

And check out Vicki's Fabric Creations for a great visual guide to the different blocks you can make using this one block/technique.

12 February 2014

Green and Gold Star 1 - Quilt Top Finished

Got this one finished last night (which may have involved me actually burning the pasta I was cooking and having to put the pot outside so it didn't set off the smoke detector). This is for Aussie Hero Quilts, so it is just the top. I will send it to them and they will quilt it and have it there for people who haven't requested a specific quilt design. I have another one nearly finished, using the same design and colours. I should get that done tonight.

I love this pattern. Such an easy block that can be adapted to any colours. Great for scrappy quilts, cause all you need to do is make sure the triangles are the same colour and the rest can be anything and the pattern will still work. I would love to do this one in red, white and blue but I haven't been able to get alot of discount fabric in those colours.

In other quilty news, I've decided to stop doing the Block-A-Day thing. It would just too hard to keep up and was becoming a chore rather than a fun thing. I did make it a month, but just not worth the stress. I will keep making blue and white blocks until I have enough to make a quilt.

3 February 2014

Block-A-Day 34

2 February 2014

Block-A-Day 33

1 February 2014

Block-A-Day 32

31 January 2014

Block-A-Day 31

29 January 2014

Using Up Scrap Strips

I got a heap of scrap strips from my Guild swap day. So far I've managed to sort most of them out by colour. I've also sorted the blues into size piles and into light and darks.

Not sure what I am going to do with the random florals in the bottom corner. Probably just sew those as is. 

 I 'm going to use them as leaders and enders. Once I have them together, I will cut them using my new Sizzix die and make them up into blocks, then into donation quilts. I'm really happy with how they look.